Rest assured that your personal doctor that knows your health best is one phone call away.

Your personal navigator of the “healthcare maze”.

Your long-term health, wellness, and physical independence is my mission.

 I am here for you whenever you need me, 24/7 direct communication.

Your own healthcare “quarterback”.

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Dr.Nancy Esper MD

Membership Advantages

  • 24/7 access to my personal cell phone.
  • Same day or next day appointments.
  • Direct communication via text, secure email or phone with my medical assistant during office hours.
  • None or minimal wait time.
  • Unhurried office visits.
  • Availability 24/7 for discussion with other physicians involved in care.
  • Availability, by phone, to participate in specialist appointments in complex medical situations.
  • Children (ages 18 – 25) of members are cared for in the same manner as a member.
  • Out of town visitors can make office appointments.
  • Strong emphasis on preventative medicine, sleep, wellness and physical independence.
  • If you request, I will directly communicate with your family regarding your care.

My mission as a physician

  • I value the Doctor-Patient relationship.
  • No one knows your health better than your own primary care doctor.
  • My philosophy in caring for my patients starts with thorough evaluation and assessment of the current complaints and overall health to reach the roots of the problem.
  • This helps me construct a customized treatment plan that suits that particular person, along with encouraging patients to participate in decision making for their own medical care.
  • This requires time and the undivided attention of the physician.
  • No two people are completely alike and no “one size fits all “in medical care.
  • My mission is to focus on prevention and to keep patients healthy, happy, sleeping well and living a vibrant life.
  • I want to help with retirement planning focusing on health, wellness and physical independence.
  • I want my patients to be satisfied with every aspect of the care I provide, and to make no more than one call to get any medical need addressed.
  • I like to help my patients navigate the complicated health care system and to be the “quarterback” of their care.
  • In my experience trusting your doctor leads to better health and wellbeing and cuts the cost of health care.
  • My patients are a big part of my life. Making a difference in their lives and their health is extremely rewarding to me.

Services and Specialties

Concierge Primary Care Medicine

Concierge Primary Care Medicine

Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is concierge medicine?
  • Concierge medicine is a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee (often referred to as a membership fee).
  • In return for the annual fee the physician commits to serve limited number of patients and keep practice size much smaller than traditional practice.
  • This allows the physician to practice medicine in a personalized way and generally to improve services to patients.
2. How is concierge practice different from traditional practice?
  • In a traditional medical practice, a doctor often cares for thousands of patients. This limits the amount of time the doctor and the staff devote to each scheduled appointment and each phone call, making it difficult to address all the concerns and questions of each patient. Patients often face long waits to get an appointment and inconvenient delays in crowded waiting rooms.
  • With the concierge practice these problems can be reduced if not eliminated. This will allow your doctor to give you the attention and time you need to optimize your care and ultimately your health.
3. How much is the annual membership fee?
  • Individual member: $2,200
  • Couple members: $ 4,200
  • Children of members (ages 18-25): free, as long as the parent is a member
  • Children of members (ages 26-39): $1,600, as long as the parent is a member
4. How does concierge medicine work with my insurance or Medicare?
  • Your insurance /Medicare will be billed for regular office visits and wellness visits (covered services) just like it is currently billed. The services mentioned under membership advantages are not covered by private insurance or by Medicare.
  • Patients will continue to be responsible for deductibles and copays in accordance with insurance /Medicare plan guidelines.
5. Does my insurance or Medicare pay for the annual membership fee?
  • The annual fee is not reimbursable by your insurance plan or by Medicare.
6. What are my annual fee payment options?
  • Your fee can be paid annually or quarterly by a check or a credit card.
  • If you choose to pay quarterly by a credit card, the first payment will be charged upon enrollment.  Thereafter, you will automatically be charged quarterly using the credit card you indicated on your signed Patient Enrollment Form. Unless you inform the practice otherwise, payments will be processed continually.
  • If you choose to pay your quarterly payment by a check, you will be invoiced quarterly.
7. Can I cancel my membership fee at any time?
  • Your membership agreement can be terminated upon a 30 day written notice. The annual fee will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.
8. Is the annual fee reimbursable through my FSA or HSA?
  • You should consult with your FSA or HSA administrator, employer, HR representative or Tax adviser to clarify qualification based on your particular plan and circumstances.
9. Will my doctor see my out of town family and friends when visiting?
  • We will care for your out of town guests, for up to a two weeks period each year, for sick visits and urgent matters. We will bill their insurance in the normal course. Periods in excess of two weeks may be arranged on a case by case basis.
10. What happens if the practice is full when I would like to enroll?
  • The practice is filled on first-come, first-served basis. Once we reach our maximum enrollment target, we will establish a waiting list.
11. What happens when my doctor is away on vacation or is ill?
  • During my absence for vacations, continuing medical education, illness, emergencies or days off, you will be provided with services by a substitute physician. You will be given instructions as to how to contact him/her.  The substitute physician will be available to you to the extent as I would have been.
12. How do I sign up to become a member?
  • Please download the Patient Enrollment Form and mail it to the address provided as soon as possible.
  • Once we receive your Patient Enrollment Form, we will mail you a Patient Membership Agreement (PMA). Once we receive the signed PMA back from you, we will inform you of your admission to the practice.
  • If we receive your Patient Enrollment Form after we reach our maximum enrollment, we will place you on a wait list. You will be informed of the status either way.
13. What happens if I need to see a specialist?
  • You should continue to follow up with your current specialists in the usual course.
  • If you need new specialty care, we will help arrange for that. We will take care of your health needs until you see the specialist.
14. What happens if I need to be admitted to a hospital?
  • You will be admitted by a hospitalist, who is a hospital physician, that cares for patients only in the hospital and is readily available for in hospital emergencies and urgent matters. I will be available by phone to you and to these doctors 24/7 to help with your care during your stay and after your hospital discharge.
  • You are encouraged to give my cell phone number to these hospitalists.
15. Which hospital would I be able to go to?
  • You have the choice of which hospital you want to be admitted to.
  • I encourage you to establish an electronic access to your medical records at any hospital, medical facility, lab or imaging center that provide you care. This allows us to review your medical records together in a timely manner and discuss any questions you may have about testing done and follow up on any needed care.
  • It is currently a standard practice to provide patients with electronic records access.
16. Will I have electronic access to my medical records?
  • You will have access to our secure patient portal that you can access from anywhere and share with any treating physician. This will help you significantly in case you are traveling and need emergency care, a hospital admission or in other circumstances.
17. Will Dr. Esper provide travel related consultations when needed?
  • We will offer guidance based on CDC recommendations related to your specific destination. We will offer prescriptions for any needed vaccinations and recommended medications.
  • We encourage you to consult with us as soon as you make your travel plans, as certain vaccinations are best effective if received well before travel date.
18. What if I see Dr. Esper for sleep services only or I want to establish care for sleep services only, and I have another PCP for the rest of my medical needs?
  • You do NOT need to pay the membership fee and you do not need to establish with another physician for sleep services. I will continue to provide and care for sleep needs outside of my concierge practice..
  • Unless you join the concierge practice, I will not be addressing or treating any conditions that are not sleep related.
  • If you choose to receive the enhanced primary care experience and join the concierge practice you will receive the aforementioned services along with sleep services.
Esper Concierge and Sleep Medicine
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American Board of Internal Medicine
Oct – 2010
American Board of Sleep Medicine
Initial Certification
Nov – 2009
American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians
Designated doctor
Jul – 2008
American Board of Internal Medicine
Initial Certification
Oct – 2001
Sleep Medicine Practice Pathway2003 – 2009
Internal Medicine Residency
McLaren Regional Medical Center
Michigan State University
Flint, Michigan
1998 - 2001
Doctor of Medicine
Damascus University Medical School
Damascus, Syria
1992 - 1995
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology
Damascus University Medical School
Damascus, Syria
1989 - 1992
English, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish
Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine
Woman’s Hospital of Texas
Houston, TX
2005 - 2007
Credentialing Committee Member
Woman’s Hospital of Texas
Houston, TX
2005- 2007
Continuing Medical Education Committee Member
Woman’s Hospital of Texas
Houston, TX
2005 - 2007
The Consummate Physician Award
Internal Medicine Residency
McLaren Regional Medical Center
Flint, Michigan
2000 - 2001
Outstanding PGY-2 Resident of the Year
Internal Medicine Residency
McLaren Regional Medical Center
Flint, Michigan
1999 - 2000

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